Kentucky Escorts at Fantasys! Nashville Escort Holly Friday!

Lexington areas Wednesday and Thursday with Kim, HOLLY, Danielle, Kara, Sheila.

Nashville this Friday for our new girl Holly! 21 years old, 5’1, 108lbs, dark hair and blue-green eyes with a dynamite butt and hard body….sounds interesting, huh?! Get in where you fit in while you can boys and girls…

Friday in Lexington with Kelly, Kara, Sheila, Danielle.
Saturday in Louisville can be Kim and Holly IF you phone it in immediately-like ASAP! Do it before
someone steps up with a big request gents….

By the way: Evansville Indiana on June 7th with Cory Saturday afternoon!
You MUST have your requests in quickly to see her because its only that morning/afternoon
and we won’t stop if there isn’t requests made in advance. You’ll have to go to Louisville to see her that weekend. Sunday the 8th available in Lexington. Monday the 9th and Tuesday 10th in Louisville.

Cincinnati for Cory June 11th! We had an easy dozen requests for her there this Wednesday
so make it quickly gents or miss out!

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30 years as an escort agency operator in SO many places that I lose count! FANTASYS is known all over the world.
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